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List of Presentations/Workshops/Discussions


All presentations will be part of the online program, so you can join as a participant online or in Luxembourg.

1,200 precious lives
The fight for the largest monkey rescue in history
PRESENTATION Liz Tyson-Griffin via Zoom Thursday, 07.09.2023  19:10-19:50  Room A
A call for political representation of nonhuman animals - from the perspective of political theory
PRESENTATION Sara Alli Majid Abad Friday, 08.09.2023  12:30-13:10  Room A
Accident into happiness - the story of Frida's and Flocke's rescue
PRESENTATION Annika Axmann Saturday, 09.09.2023  12:50-13:30  Room A
Activism on trial: When compassion is criminalized
PRESENTATION Gerrah Selby Friday, 08.09.2023  17:20-18:00  Room A
Advocate for a Plant Based Treaty
CAMPAIGN PRESENTATION Lea Goodett Sunday, 10.09.2023  11:40-12:20  Room A
An oxymoron in our midst: Relying on "animal protection" laws that do not really protect animals
PRESENTATION Cynthia von Schlichten Friday, 08.09.2023  18:10-18:50  Room A
Animal activism between despair and hope
PRESENTATION Tobias Leenaert Saturday, 09.09.2023  13:40-14:20  Room A
Animal rights is a social justice movement and deserves to be treated as such!
PRESENTATION Faraz Harsini Saturday, 09.09.2023  17:50-18:30  Room A
Animal rights legislation and animal rights cases in Turkey
PRESENTATION Ezgi Karakaya, Cansu Özge Özmen Thursday, 07.09.2023  16:40-17:20  Room A
Animal testing: why it doesn't work and how to stop it
PRESENTATION Dilyana Filipova Thursday, 07.09.2023  17:30-18:10  Room A
Animal-free farming: perspectives and opportunities
PRESENTATION Stefanie Schindler via Zoom Saturday, 09.09.2023  14:30-15:10  Room A
Animals help heal trauma - here's how
PRESENTATION Indra Lahiri Sunday, 10.09.2023  10:50-11:30  Room A
Camera On Animal - A new kind of undercover investigation method that anyone can do
PRESENTATION Ronen Bar Friday, 08.09.2023  14:50-15:30  Room A
Caregiving is also animal liberation
PRESENTATION Fernanda García-Naranjo Ortega Thursday, 07.09.2023  15:00-15:40  Room A
Cosmetics animal testing and vivisection in South Africa
Effecting positive change
PRESENTATION Toni Brockhoven via Zoom Friday, 08.09.2023  14:10-14:45  Room A
Creative work and investigations
PRESENTATION Timo Stammberger Thursday, 07.09.2023  20:00-20:40  Room A
Embracing diversity
Building an intersectional and inclusive animal rights movement
PRESENTATION Lia Rodehorst Saturday, 09.09.2023  11:10-11:50  Room A
Everyone can change the world
From ocean conservation to personal growth
PRESENTATION Magdalena Gschnitzer Sunday, 10.09.2023  14:10-14:50  Room A
Improving animal welfare in Bali through local wisdom approach
PRESENTATION Agra Utari via Zoom Friday, 08.09.2023  10:50-11:30  Room A
Inspiring chefs to cook plant-based food or activism through food
PRESENTATION Justine Rist Friday, 08.09.2023  11:40-12:20  Room A
Life minutes: How to unleash your fury in an impactful way
PRESENTATION Dotsie Bausch Saturday, 09.09.2023  18:40-19:20  Room A
Maintaining self-care and self-compassion is pivotal for sustainable animal advocacy work
PRESENTATION Kathrin Herrmann Sunday, 10.09.2023  12:30-13:10  Room A
Multispecies democracy
Rethinking our political system
PRESENTATION Tobias Sennhauser Friday, 08.09.2023  16:30-17:10  Room A
Shaped by violence: Armed conflict and animal rights in Colombia
PRESENTATION Fernando Cuenca Friday, 08.09.2023  13:20-14:00  Room A
Shoulder to shoulder - how the struggle for climate and animals go together
PRESENTATION Martin Smedjeback Thursday, 07.09.2023  15:50-16:30  Room A
Taking the side of the herbivores: political reflections and synthesis of arguments
PRESENTATION Morgan Zoberman Friday, 08.09.2023  10:00-10:40  Room A
The importance of vegan activism, how to start and how to make it last
PRESENTATION Delfina Toso Thursday, 07.09.2023  18:20-19:00  Room A
The power of making a scene
PRESENTATION Zoe Rosenberg Saturday, 09.09.2023  19:30-20:10  Room A
The products we buy and the people who see us
PRESENTATION Sophia Shea, Paul Sonnleitner, Kevin Xia Saturday, 09.09.2023  12:00-12:40  Room A
The state of farmed animals in Uganda and how traditional African society beliefs could play a key role to reduce animal suffering
PRESENTATION Nabaasa Innocent Amumpaire via Zoom Saturday, 09.09.2023  17:00-17:40  Room A
TransFARMing agriculture
Rescuing animals with the goal of perennial change
PRESENTATION Sarah Heiligtag Friday, 08.09.2023  19:50-20:30  Room A
Utilizing the power of social media to create a better world for animals
PRESENTATION John Oberg Friday, 08.09.2023  20:40-21:20  Room A
Veganism is not a diet!
and how treating it like one can do harm
PRESENTATION India Kandel Saturday, 09.09.2023  10:20-11:00  Room A
Why killing animals is killing us
Learn more about environmental arguments for advocating veganism
PRESENTATION Maximilian Weiss, Tim Werner Sunday, 10.09.2023  13:20-14:00  Room A
Why the psychology of oppression holds the key to collective liberation
PRESENTATION Sonja Friday, 08.09.2023  15:40-16:20  Room A


Workshops will only be available for participants that join in person in Luxembourg.

Advocacy toolbox for EU politics
WORKSHOP Christine Leidner Friday, 08.09.2023  17:20-18:20  Room B
Basic animal rescue first aid, care, and considerations
WORKSHOP Shakira Free Saturday, 09.09.2023  11:10-12:40  Room B
Changemaker: 10 ways how to create a better world (immediately)
WORKSHOP Jessica Di Bella Saturday, 09.09.2023  15:20-16:50  Room B
How Vegans Can Prevent and Manage Infighting
PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOP Melanie Joy Thursday, 07.09.2023  09:00-13:00  Room B
How vegans can prevent and recover from burnout
WORKSHOP Melanie Joy Friday, 08.09.2023  10:00-11:30  Room B
Keep fighting - activism-related trauma and resilience
WORKSHOP Sonja Saturday, 09.09.2023  12:50-13:50  Room B
Navigating conflict for stronger communities
WORKSHOP Josue Cabrera Friday, 08.09.2023  11:40-13:10  Room B
Personalized impact workshop
WORKSHOP Ruth Friday, 08.09.2023  15:40-17:10  Room B
Reforming democracy for animals: practice
WORKSHOP Thomas Hecquet, Sara Alli Majid Abad Saturday, 09.09.2023  17:00-18:00  Room B
Top 5 tricks from five years of vegan activism
WORKSHOP Stephan Gelenscher Friday, 08.09.2023  13:20-14:20  Room B


The panel discussion will be part of the online and in-person programs in Luxembourg. In contrast, the other discussion will only be available for participants that join in person in Luxembourg.

Beyond sanctuary: What happens next?
DISCUSSION Adelle Goodman Thursday, 07.09.2023  19:10-19:50  Room B
How can we end hunting worldwide?
DISCUSSION Joffrey Legon , Susan Hartland Friday, 08.09.2023  19:50-21:20  Room B
The end of fur farming: An international panel discussion
PANEL DISCUSSION Laura Broxson, Enric Noguera, Zoe Peled, Amy Soranno Saturday, 09.09.2023  15:20-16:50  Room A

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