Francesco De Giorgio

Dr. Francesco De Giorgio is a biologist, ethologist, naturalist, developer, and awareness creator for an anti-speciesist ethology. His work is both on a scientific, philosophical, and political level, as well as on a practical level, in support of animals in need.

After graduating from Parma University in 1989, Francesco began his career as an independent field researcher, supporting several universities in understanding animal cognition while supporting humans enhance their relationships with other animals.

Described by International School of Ethology (Erice, IT) Director Danilo Mainardi as "a man who works with his head and his heart and his hands", Francesco walks the talk – integrating scientific knowledge into ethical day-to-day practice.

An expert in understanding behavior from a socio-cognitive point of view, Francesco provides support for institutions occupied with animal health and welfare (e.g., in equine mistreatment cases), for shelters and sanctuaries to improve understanding of their habitants and their daily life, has served on several ethics committees, and acts as an advisor to courts, police, in animal abuse cases and post-abuse assistance. As a speaker and teacher, Francesco spreads awareness regarding 'Cognitive Ethology in the Relationship between humans and other animals'. He also lectures at several universities and has presented at numerous conferences and symposia on ethology, cognition, anti-speciesism, animal subjectivity, and inclusion from an anti-speciesist point of view. He is currently president of the non-profit cultural Sparta Association, founded to facilitate a paradigm change.

Together with his wife, he provides a home for their extended family of 8 horses, 5 pigs, 4 goats, a rooster, 6 hens, and a dog in the "Sparta Animality Reserve".

Among his published works are: Dizionario Italiano/Cavallo (2010) and Comprere il Cavallo (2015), both published in Italy. Equus Lost? (2017), published in the United States and Germany, In the Name of Animality (2018), published in Italy with translation into Spanish (2019), and l'Era del Cinghiale Metropolitano (2023) published in Italy.

Francesco De Giorgio

The right to live informed
Understanding animal cognition as the essence for a subject to experience life