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On this page we present an overview of the speakers that have so far been confirmed to present at the conference in 2023. This list is preliminary and will continuously be updated – so check back every now and then. If you are interested in presenting a topic, please see the contribution infos.

Agra Utari (Indonesia) online
co-founder of Yayasan Seva Bhuana, a grassroots organization in Bali, Indonesia focusing on two programs: sterilization and education
Annika Axmann (Germany) live in Luxembourg
lives together with her two rescued cows and horses, telling their story on Social Media and in her podcast
Bjørn Ralf Kristensen (United States) live in Luxembourg
environmental philosopher working at the intersection of animal ethics, environmental justice, and public health
Cansu Özge Özmen (Turkey) live in Luxembourg
animal rights activist, Animal Rights Watch Turkey, professor of English literature
Colin Goldner (Germany) live in Luxembourg
Ph.D., psychologist, and CEO of the Great Ape Project in Germany
Cynthia von Schlichten (United States) live in Luxembourg
general counsel for the U.S.-based animal rights nonprofit Farm Sanctuary, Inc.
Dilyana Filipova (Germany) live in Luxembourg
scientific officer at Doctors Against Animal Experiments (DAAE), aims to bring an end to animal testing and accelerate the uptake of modern, animal-free scientific methods
Dr. Faraz Harsini (United States) live in Luxembourg
founder and CEO of Allied Scholars for Animal Protection, and an alternative protein bioprocessing senior scientist whose work focuses on changing individuals and the system
Ezgi Karakaya (Germany/Turkey) live in Luxembourg
animal rights activist, Animal Rights Watch Turkey, MA student in law
Fernanda García-Naranjo Ortega (Mexico) live in Luxembourg
Mexican anti-speciesist activist, co-founder and ED of the Granjita TyH sanctuary
Fernando Cuenca (United States/Colombia) live in Luxembourg
Social justice and animal rights activist from Colombia, currently living in the US
Hilal Sezgin (Germany) Pre-Conference
writer of fiction and non-fiction, philosopher (M.A.) and caregiver to elderly sheep on a sanctuary in Northern Germany
India Kandel (Germany) live in Luxembourg
queer animal liberation activist based in Germany
Indra Lahiri (United States) live in Luxembourg
PhD, founder of Indraloka Animal Sanctuary, storyteller, dreamer, and friend of the animals who has rescued thousands of animals around the world, tells their stories in her writing/speaking, and lives amongst them between her travels
John Oberg (United States) live in Luxembourg
animal rights activist dedicated to making the world a kinder place for animals by utilizing the power of social media
Josue Cabrera (Guatemala) live in Luxembourg
conflict capacity builder, community accountability facilitator, anti-speciesist activist
Justine Rist (France) live in Luxembourg
vegan chef with ambitions to inspire chefs to move towards a more plant-based rich cuisine and help revolutionize cuisine for a plant-based one
Lea Goodett (Netherlands) live in Luxembourg
European Regional Liaison for Animal Save Movement
Magdalena Gschnitzer (Italy) live in Luxembourg
activist, author, and filmmaker with focus on the personal growth growing from conservation
Marcia Condoy Truyenque (United States/Peru) live in Luxembourg
attorney with experience in constitutional law, human rights law, animal law advocacy, and research
Martin Smedjeback (Sweden) live in Luxembourg
full-time animal rights activist and speaker, project leader of "A year for the Animals"
Melanie Challenger (United Kingdom) live in Luxembourg
writer and independent scholar, deputy chair of the Nuffield Council on Bioethics, and vice president of the RSPCA
Nabaasa Innocent Kashobera (Uganda) live in Luxembourg
founder of the Uganda Vegan Society and Africa Regional Coordinator, Thrive Philanthropy, advocate for veganism, compassion towards animals, and environmental conservation in Africa
Nick Jukes (United Kingdom) Pre-Conference
co-ordinator of InterNICHE, working to replace animal experiments in higher education with humane, innovative alternatives
Ruth (Ireland) live in Luxembourg
community builder and advocacy manager for International Suffering Abolitionism since 2020
Sara Alli Majid Abad (Germany) live in Luxembourg
vegan and queer-feminist activist from Hamburg, Germany
Sarah Heiligtag (Switzerland) live in Luxembourg
running Hof Narr farm and sanctuary for ten years and has started Transfarmation in 2018, since then she and her team have helped 125 farms to leave animal exploitation and start a peaceful agriculture, herby saving thousands of animal lives and investing into a hopeful future
Sonja (Austria) live in Luxembourg
animal rights activist, student of psychology based in Vienna, Austria
Stefanie Schindler (Germany) online
professionally dedicated to animal welfare since the year 2000
Tobias Leenaert (Belgium) live in Luxembourg
author, speaker, co-founder of Proveg International
Tobias Sennhauser (Switzerland) live in Luxembourg
president for the Swiss animal rights organization Tier im Fokus
Toni Brockhoven (South Africa) live in Luxembourg
chairperson of Beauty Without Cruelty since 2009
Zoe Rosenberg (United States) live in Luxembourg
founder of Happy Hen Animal Sanctuary, an experienced factory farm investigator, and the social media coordinator with Direct Action Everywhere

A list of all presentations/workshops/discussions can be found here.


note: all information on this web site is subject to change as the conference planning proceeds
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