Gemunu de Silva

For over 36 years, Gemunu has led the charge in animal protection through innovative investigative journalism and a deep-seated passion for animal rights.

A pioneer in the '80s, Gemunu was the first to film undercover in UK factory farms, bringing the harsh realities faced by animals to television audiences and directing key TV programs to highlight animal rights issues. By the '90s, Gemunu founded Compassion in World Farming's investigations unit, shedding light on global factory farming. Later, as director of research and investigations at Cruelty Free International, Gemunu focused on exposing the dark side of animal laboratories and the primate research trade.

In 2006, recognizing the urgent need for investigative visual content, Gemunu established Tracks Investigations, which has since played a critical role in exposing inhumane practices across the animal industry spectrum. He has project managed over 300 investigative projects in 58 countries.

While Gemunu's work has profoundly impacted animal advocacy, he remains a behind-the-scenes force. His upcoming presentation offers a rare glimpse into the heart of his mission, showcasing the power of undercover investigations in the fight for animal justice.

Gemunu de Silva

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