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Thursday, 07.09.2023   15:00-15:40  Central European Time (CET)   Room A
Caregiving is also animal liberation
Fernanda García-Naranjo Ortega

The rescue of an individual is the beginning of a forever bond and involves commitment on several levels. In that sense, activists and sanctuaries must work as a team as they are key parts of the animal liberation movement.

This presentation aims to highlight the importance of responsible animal rescue, recognizing that helping an animal not only assists the individual and takes him/her to a sanctuary but also implies a lifetime commitment.

It is also important to recognize sanctuaries as a tangible reality of animal liberation and to know what they do and how we can help them (Fernanda runs a sanctuary in Mexico, and the reality of the global south is very different from that of the global north). Therefore Fernanda will expose what it is to be a female anti-speciesist activist in Latin America, hoping that her experience inspires other activists.

Alliance building and intersectional work are vital, so there will be a Q&A section, and comments and proposals will be welcome.

Always remember that a world without animal oppression is possible, and we are building it!










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