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Looking to the past to guide us into the future

This is an introduction to Stoicism, the 2,000 year old school of philosophy that has guided and inspired some of the world`s greatest leaders. This philosophy was used by the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius as his guide on how to be a kind and just leader of the Roman people. Cato the Younger was said to have followed Stoicism so devoutly, that he was literally incorruptible. Stoicism has four virtues, Wisdom, Courage, Justice, Temperance, which those who practice the philosophy use to guide them in daily life. Drawing on the teachings of Seneca, Epictetus, and others, we can use their words to inspire others to become, and stay vegan, to guide our activism, and to survive being vegan in a world that isn`t. If the philosophy can help Admiral James Stockdale survive 7 1/2 years as a POW during the Vietnam War. During which time he was subjected to torture, beatings and long periods of solitary confinement, surely it can help vegans thrive in daily life.










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