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Josue Cabrera

Josue CabreraI'm Josue Cabrera, a conflict capacity builder, community accountability facilitator, and anti-speciesist activist. After years of experience working with advocacy groups in Latin America, the U.S., and the U.K., I realized that I had a talent for helping people navigate conflicts and find healthy resolutions. This led me on a journey of research and practice, where I found value in the transformative justice framework and successfully utilized its principles as an accountability process facilitator. My mission is to equip activist and advocacy groups with the skills and tools necessary to navigate conflict in a transformative way that creates a culture of self-accountability, ultimately reducing the need for external mediators. My approach is rooted in transformative justice principles, seeking to transform situations of harm and cultivate long-lasting relationships. By building the capacity of social movement groups to handle conflict, I see a future where collaboration and shared goals lead to stronger and more sustainable movements.



morning plenary:
Friday Morning Plenary

Navigating conflict for stronger communities







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