Rik Jansen

Since 2018, Rik has been actively contributing to animal liberation, first by creating a documentary on veganism and later through his work with Animal Rising (from 2021). Key contributions over the past three years include:
  • Mobilisation Coordinator, mobilizing 200+ people to take action to the point of arrest in a week-long campaign to blockade the UK dairy industry. This includes seeding over 10 new local groups, many still active today.
  • Over the past year, he has worked as an actions coordinator, developing open rescues and horse race disruptions like the Grand National.
  • Recently, his focus has been on rewilding, particularly as a critical component of animal liberation. To this end, he has organized volunteer days and facilitated workshops and presentations on rewilding from a vegan perspective.
Rik Jansen

Rewilding and animal freedom