Susan Hargreaves

Susan Hargreaves is a Skipping Stones Honor award-winning author, kindness educator, long-time vegan, speaker, and activist. She has rehabilitated wildlife, investigated animal cruelty in circuses, rodeos, aquariums and in animal-based agriculture. Susan became active in the animal rights movement in 1980. She hosted the first animal rights radio series in Canada and the United States. Her relentless journey to aid animals is the subject of an original short documentary by the renowned Earthlings director Shaun Monson, titled The Heart Whisperer.

Susan created the first interactive dramatizations in schools to create an understanding of the plight of other animals. She founded the youth-empowering charity BE an Animal Hero formerly known as Animal Hero Kids, to prevent the animal cruelty she witnessed at an early age by fostering empathy and informed, compassionate choices. Susan continues to collaborate with national and international organizations. She is a speaker at universities, schools, and conferences around the world. Susan is a grassroots organizer at the front lines of animal rights in Canada and the US.

Her books are Animal Hero Kids – Voices for the Voiceless, Volume 1 and 2, Veganza Animal Hero – a children's picture book, Veganza Animal Heroes – Liberation a novel for teens, There's A Cow in My Dreams, and Veganza Guide to Save Animals and the Earth.

Susan's work defending all species of animals has been featured in Yahoo News, MSN, National Public Radio, ABC, NBC, Hollywood Times, Dublin Live News, The Sun Sentinel, Deco Drive, MTV Music, The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star...

Susan Hargreaves

The Heart Whisperer
Film by Shaun Monson featuring Susan Hargreaves