The right to live informed

Understanding animal cognition as the essence for a subject to experience life


Room A + online

Fri, 06.09.2024  10:00-10:40  Central European Time (CET)

This contribution highlights what it means to be informed from an animal's point of view, considering their subjective experience. Every animal, human animal included, is born as a cognitive animal, where cognition is to be understood as the ability and possibility to inform oneself to be able to actively participate in life and coexistence with others and be the owner of their own experiences. The presentation will address how this can be translated into daily life with examples where the desire to be informed can be recognized (based on the understanding and brief introduction of socio-cognition and anti-speciesist ethology) but is, in general, easily misunderstood. The contribution will further explain how we can regain an understanding of an animal's interest in being informed, how this will help to improve coexistence on a daily basis, and give people an expanded understanding of welfare, or more precisely, well-being, from an anti-speciesist perspective.