International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference

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Friday, 08.09.2023   19:50-21:20  Central European Time (CET)   Room B
How can we end hunting worldwide?
Joffrey Legon, Susan Hartland

presented by Animal Rights
Animal Rights

Open discussion with panelists Joffrey Legon and Susan Hartland, hosted by Els Van Campenhout

Hunting is the slaughter of wildlife, and the animals are killed in many horrific ways globally. There is no ethical way to take someone's life, yet hunting and killing animals on a mass scale is still legal. Animal Rights has been actively saving animal lives with hunt sab actions in the field and starting court cases to stop hunting specific animal species or to convict hunters that violate the law while hunting wildlife. We also started an initiative to end the import of (animal) trophies into Belgium, which garnered widespread support. Hunting is an underrepresented topic among animal activists, but important as millions of animals suffer and are killed by hunters each year.

This discussion is open to everyone to discuss the issues and what we can do as individuals to protect the animals in the wild, address misinformation from the industry, and how we can coexist with them as equals. Because in order to protect wildlife, hunting should be abolished worldwide.










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