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Saturday, 09.09.2023   12:50-13:30  Central European Time (CET)   Room A
Accident into happiness - the story of Frida's and Flocke's rescue
Annika Axmann

In August 2021, Annika and her boyfriend Max rescued Frida from the dairy industry. Frida was pregnant with her first calf and should die due to an injury and the resulting worthlessness for the industry. So Frida "moved together" with Annika's and Max's two horses, Jack and Jackson, right by their house.

At first, Frida was shy and scared, but then she really started loving her life in freedom - her first sunshine, snow, cuddles, etc. When Frida gave birth to Flocke, they were completely in love right away and, until today, always look after each other. This story is about enlightenment and inspiration - it changed everything. Besides their daily life on Instagram, Frida and Annika were already seen on TV and in magazines and heard on radio and podcasts. - "They do not only inspire other people but also me - I promised them to give everything to fight for animal rights!"










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