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Friday, 08.09.2023   13:20-14:20  Central European Time (CET)   Room B
Top 5 tricks from five years of vegan activism
Stephan Gelenscher

In this interactive workshop, we will cover practical techniques for your vegan activism, including leading through questions, managing strong emotions, embracing diversity, and more.

You will learn about the following:

  1. More impactful conversations in Activism: How to lead through questions, identify shared values, and establish common ground.
  2. Ideas for managing our own strong emotions from living in a non-vegan world.
  3. Understanding the intersectionality of other movements and how they can help our work.
  4. Cultivating a strong mindset that embraces the diverse approaches and viewpoints within the vegan movement.
  5. Putting the latest psychological ideas of societal and personal change into practice.

We will interact and have the option to practice some techniques.

Designed for both new and experienced activists, this engaging session offers insights to enhance your advocacy and work for animal rights.










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