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Thursday, 11.05.2023   19:00-20:00  Central European Time (CET)   Online
The veterinary doctor and the dog: Effective surgery training using humane innovations instead of animal experiments
Nick Jukes

This online pre-conference presentation is a showing of "Surgery and the SynDaver Canine", a summary episode taken from the InterNICHE documentary film series "DVM: Training the Animal Doctor". The episode showcases an amazing synthetic mannequin implemented by several progressive veterinary schools worldwide to replace animal experiments and enhance the quality of surgical training. It explores advances in materials science, the nature of and challenges within surgical skills acquisition, emotional literacy, and the human-animal bond. Features footage of canine abdominal surgery – but on a non-animal model. The presentation is introduced by Nick Jukes, InterNICHE Co-ordinator, and is followed by Q&As and a discussion.


This is an online presentation which will be implemented using Zoom Webinar. In order to partipate in the presentation and also contribute to the Q&A at the end of the presentation, you will need to register at the following link. This registration will not result in a Zoom account being created – you will only be registered as a participant of this specific online presentation.










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