Animal sanctuaries: the future we imagine


Room A + online

How beautiful would a future without animal sanctuaries be? That would mean all animals would be finally free and respected without the need to create a safe space for them. Unfortunately, there is still an immense need to create more animal sanctuaries and expand the existing ones to welcome and care for as many needy animals as possible.

Animal sanctuaries exist not only as homes for animal refugees but also as places of resistance. Visiting a sanctuary of free animals is a unique and educational experience during which we can experience a relationship with the other animals based on observation, understanding, and mutual respect that has so much to teach us. Through their free existence, these animals are ambassadors of the world we would like to see. The Capra Libera Tutti Sanctuary is also a center of meetings and gatherings, conferences, and special events, and it plays an active role in the animal rights movement through advocacy plans and campaigns to change laws.

Despite the key role that animal sanctuaries play for the planet and to counteract the damage of the animal farming industries, by law, they are still considered farms and incur the same risks as farms in the face of viruses and pandemics.

With this talk, we can dive together into the inspiring world of animal sanctuaries to understand how to support their work and why it is urgent to obtain a new European law that protects these places and all their free inhabitants in the face of emergencies.