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Saturday, 09.09.2023   10:20-11:00  Central European Time (CET)   Room A
Veganism is not a diet!
and how treating it like one can do harm
India Kandel

Conversations about veganism often start with and revolve around plant-based foods, "the vegan diet" or "what we eat". What (or rather who) vegans do or do not put into our bodies can lead to heated discussions in both non-vegan and vegan circles. Sometimes even our very own bodies (e.g., looks, "fitness", and abilities) become political playgrounds for veganism. Navigating these conversations can be particularly challenging for those of us who struggle with eating disorders and/or body image. Coming from an activist mental health perspective, this talk explores some of the narratives surrounding plant-based food and "diets" in mainstream society and vegan advocacy. Drawing on personal experiences, I will discuss how treating veganism primarily as a diet can harm vegans, activists, and other animals.










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