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Thursday, 07.09.2023   19:10-19:50  Central European Time (CET)   Room B
Beyond sanctuary: What happens next?
Adelle Goodman

From working in animal rights rescues in Southeast Asia, it's clear there are many often unseen challenges we face in rescue, particularly in the Global South. This includes inaccessible veterinary care for farmed species, no possibility of export/adoption, aging founders, lack of experienced and reliable animal caretaking staff, having a small impact as the only organization working for these species in this region, domination by welfarist organizations, and the desire for all of the founders to move towards sterilization/vaccination projects to prevent the need for them to endlessly rescue. Therefore, if non-speciesist rescue and nonprofit work in isolation in this region are unsustainable in their current form, what is an alternative to ensure we can prevent animals from suffering and needing to be rescued in the first place? How can we help ensure these isolated animal rights groups don't shut down in a region that vitally needs them, as there is no one else rescuing/advocating for farmed species?










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