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Self care
Johnny Braz

Animal rescue work and activism are difficult, demanding, and emotionally intense. Often, seeing the suffering of other animals at the hands of humans makes us angry. Some of us even lash out. But is this behavior in the animals` best interest? Is it in our best interest? It is a fact that many are only able to do this work for a short time before depression, burnout, and rage make it impossible to go on. How can we take care of ourselves and each other so that we can be effective for the long-term? If we are truly committed to working for the animals, we must understand and commit to self care, which in turn dictates how we treat others. Join this interactive and engaging discussion to learn how to create and maintain a serious, authentic self-care practice, to find joy, kindness (not just to those who share our values), and longevity in our compassion.










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