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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference
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List of Presentations/Workshops/Discussions

Please note that this list is far from complete yet and that there will still be many changes and additions in the next weeks.

10 things I changed my mind about in 20 years of vegan activism
PRESENTATION Tobias Leenaert Saturday, 07.09.2019  15:00-15:50  Room A
Activist wellbeing: The connection between health and effective activism
PRESENTATION Shawna Weaver Saturday, 07.09.2019  10:30-11:20  Room B
Africa: The importing of intensive animal agriculture and land leasing
PRESENTATION Anteneh Roba Saturday, 07.09.2019  14:00-14:50  Room A
An introduction to hunt sabs
WORKSHOP Susan Hartland Saturday, 07.09.2019  11:30-12:20  Room B
Angry vegan
How to stay friendly in an animal-unfriendly world
WORKSHOP Els Van Campenhout Thursday, 05.09.2019  16:00-16:50  Room B
Animal liberation and climate justice: Joint struggle against animal production
PRESENTATION Fredi, Luna Friday, 06.09.2019  15:00-15:50  Room B
Animal Rebellion
PRESENTATION Shivonne Engen Friday, 06.09.2019  10:30-11:20  Room A
Animal rights, human rights and social justice
Analyzing veganism as a point of intersectionality of social movements
PRESENTATION Giovana Poker Friday, 06.09.2019  16:00-16:50  Room A
Animal testing: Why is it inhumane for humans and not just animals?
PRESENTATION Jen Hochmuth Thursday, 05.09.2019  19:30-20:20  Room B
Becoming a vet: Education and training without animal experiments
MOVIE + DISCUSSION Nick Jukes Saturday, 07.09.2019  16:00-17:50  Cinema
Bettering this world
A love letter to the animal rights movement
PRESENTATION Jake Conroy Saturday, 07.09.2019  16:00-16:50  Room A
Beyond raising awareness
How to incite systemic change through art
WORKSHOP Paula Meninato Sunday, 08.09.2019  12:30-13:20  Room B
Beyond the fence: An animal rights manifesto for film
PRESENTATION Stephen Marcus Finn Friday, 06.09.2019  16:00-16:50  Room B
Countdown to Year Zero
MOVIE + DISCUSSION Sailesh Rao, Jane Velez-Mitchell Saturday, 07.09.2019  14:00-15:20  Cinema
Early Intervention Network
Strategies on engaging with and empowering the next generation
PRESENTATION Alexa Gnauck Friday, 06.09.2019  14:00-14:50  Room B
Friday Morning Plenary
MORNING PLENARY Cristina Nițu Friday, 06.09.2019  09:30-10:20  Room A
How not to go extinct
PRESENTATION Sailesh Rao Friday, 06.09.2019  19:00-19:50  Room A
How to expose the animal industries
PRESENTATION Michelle Berghäll Sunday, 08.09.2019  10:30-11:20  Room B
How to think big
PRESENTATION Markus Böhning, Inga Laube, Caroline von Schwerin Friday, 06.09.2019  20:00-20:50  Room A
How to use your cellphone to create a vegan world
PRESENTATION Jane Velez-Mitchell Thursday, 05.09.2019  16:00-16:50  Room A
How we stopped the use of animals in the circuses in Romania
PRESENTATION Remus Cernea Friday, 06.09.2019  11:30-12:20  Room A
Humane education and alternatives to animal experiments
PRESENTATION Nick Jukes Sunday, 08.09.2019  11:30-12:20  Room A
Hunting myths and truths
DISCUSSION Susan Hartland Friday, 06.09.2019  17:00-17:50  Room B
IARC2020 and beyond...
DISCUSSION Saturday, 07.09.2019  20:30-21:20  Room B
PRESENTATION Stijn Bruers Saturday, 07.09.2019  14:00-14:50  Room B
Inspiring compassion in children through art
PRESENTATION Johnny Braz Friday, 06.09.2019  15:00-15:50  Room A
MOVIE + DISCUSSION Mick McIntyre, Kate McIntyre Clere Friday, 06.09.2019  16:00-17:50  Cinema
Liberation`s rainbow
Recognizing interconnections and building alliances between LGBTQIA*, feminism and animal liberation
PRESENTATION India Kandel, Daniela Zysk Saturday, 07.09.2019  19:30-20:20  Room A
Meat trends, climate change, and global food security
PRESENTATION Dawn Moncrief Saturday, 07.09.2019  10:30-11:20  Room A
Natura Umana documentary
behind the scenes and the power of filmmaking
WORKSHOP Diana Musca, Eduard Nistru Saturday, 07.09.2019  19:30-20:50  Cinema
One more stop on the final journey
Markets for "farm" animals in Poland and what activists keep doing to end them
PRESENTATION Paweł Artyfikiewicz Sunday, 08.09.2019  11:30-12:20  Room B
Open Discussion Slot
DISCUSSION Saturday, 07.09.2019  15:00-16:20  Room B
Open Discussion Slot
DISCUSSION Saturday, 07.09.2019  18:30-19:50  Room B
Outside the animal rights bubble
PRESENTATION Stijn Scholts Friday, 06.09.2019  20:00-20:50  Room B
Planet Vegan screening + capturing the essence of a vigil
The power of videography in the animal rights movement and how to increase your impact
MOVIE + DISCUSSION James Hoot Friday, 06.09.2019  19:00-20:20  Cinema
Representations of other animals
About vegan turkey and voiceless animals
PRESENTATION Geertrui Cazaux Friday, 06.09.2019  14:00-14:50  Room A
Rescuing animals other than cats and dogs and court battles with their oppressors
Why are they important in making a change for animals?
PRESENTATION Cezary Wyszyński Friday, 06.09.2019  10:30-11:20  Room B
Sanctuaries: A true healing, reassuring and recharging resource for animal rights activists
PRESENTATION Doina Badea Sunday, 08.09.2019  10:30-11:20  Room A
Saturday Morning Plenary
MORNING PLENARY Saturday, 07.09.2019  09:30-10:20  Room A
Sometimes you win in 2 days: Waging corporate campaigns
PRESENTATION Ellie Donohue-Miller Friday, 06.09.2019  17:00-17:50  Room A
Sunday Morning Plenary
MORNING PLENARY Sunday, 08.09.2019  09:30-10:20  Room A
The Art Of Compassion Project
Truth, propaganda and personal stories
PRESENTATION Helen Barker, Philip McCulloch-Downs Friday, 06.09.2019  14:00-14:50  Stalls Room 2
The ferocious power of nonviolence
How to best harness the potential of nonviolence for animal liberation
PRESENTATION Martin Smedjeback Thursday, 05.09.2019  15:00-15:50  Room A
The psychology of power
PRESENTATION Melanie Joy Saturday, 07.09.2019  11:30-12:20  Room A
The vegan and the environmentalist
PRESENTATION Lisa Kemmerer Thursday, 05.09.2019  19:30-20:20  Room A
This talk is about a trigger word
PRESENTATION Lisa Kemmerer Friday, 06.09.2019  11:30-12:20  Room B
Transforming farms into sanctuaries
Real change for a real world
PRESENTATION Sarah Heiligtag Sunday, 08.09.2019  12:30-13:20  Room A
Treat me like an animal
PRESENTATION Indra Lahiri Thursday, 05.09.2019  18:30-19:20  Room A
U.S. legal trends impacting animals
PRESENTATION Vanessa Shakib Saturday, 07.09.2019  18:30-19:20  Room A
Veterinarians can be leaders in the animal rights movement
PRESENTATION Travis Strong, DVM MS DACVO Friday, 06.09.2019  19:00-19:50  Room B
What about the animals?
MOVIE + DISCUSSION Saturday, 07.09.2019  10:30-11:50  Cinema
What next? Where do we go from here?
PRESENTATION Michelle Berghäll, Johnny Braz, Shivonne Engen, Dawn Moncrief, Sailesh Rao Sunday, 08.09.2019  13:30-14:20  Room A
Why should feminists fight for animal rights?
PRESENTATION Karolina Skowron Thursday, 05.09.2019  17:30-18:20  Room A
Why we need more anti-hunting campaigns
PRESENTATION Georg Prinz Thursday, 05.09.2019  18:30-19:20  Room B

Some general information about the program

All presentations and workshops are scheduled to have a 10 minute break until the next session, so that there is enough time to take a short break and switch to another room.

note: all information on this web site is subject to change as the conference planning proceeds
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