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Els Van Campenhout

Els Van Campenhout

Els started advocating for the animals at the age of ten, when she found of out about the horrors of animal agriculture. After making the connection as a little kid, she stopped eating animals and started outreaching at the playgrounds in elementary school.

For Els, it all started with backyard chickens that made her realize how misunderstood these intelligent and sensitive animals are. She still learns about chickens every day and plans on writing more in the future on the complex communication chickens use.

During the years, Els has been involved in rescuing laying hens in Belgium, volunteering at the local wildlife rehabilitation center and coordinating "Stop Slaughter" campaigns for Animal Rights.

Recently Els started her own business as a vegan lifestyle coach and caterer. "The answer to all problems and cruelty in animal agriculture is simple", she says. "We need to show people how easy and wonderful it is to live and eat vegan". She sees it as our task to guide them the way, as we are all pioneers for the future of our planet, animals and humans.



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