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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference
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Thursday, 05.09.2019   16:00-16:50   Room B
Angry vegan
How to stay friendly in an animal-unfriendly world
Els Van Campenhout

As pioneers for a plant based future, we still live in an animal-unfriendly world that can make it hard to stay soft, gentle and compassionate towards (non-vegan) people surrounding us. In this workshop, activists learn about the power of friendliness and how to maintain friendly in order to empower our message for the animals. You will get insights in how to deal with the "angry vegan" everyone carries in them, how to handle it and how to transform negativity into a positive and powerful message. People also will get the opportunity to learn how deal with angryness of others and maintain their cool. Away with the toxicity and fueling the positive power to bring our vegan message to the world!










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