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Here we provide information about camping and hotels.

Low Budget Accommodation

We will provide several large tents that will be set up at the Camping Gaalgebierg in Esch, from Wednesday (4th) until Sunday (8th). The cost per night will be 5 EUR and includes the sleeping place in a tent that we provide. There will be several people sleeping in one tent. The cost also includes using the sanitary facilities at the camp ground. You will need to bring a sleeping bag and a camping mat. Please note that it might get quite cold in September in Luxembourg, so be sure to bring a warm sleeping bag. You can also bring your own tent and set it up near the large tents. Also the camp site offers rental caravans, but they need to be booked long time in advance.

The Camping Gaalgebierg is 2,4km away from the Kufa by foot and 1,6km from the Esch train station. There are no regular busses going to the camp ground, but we have arranged for a free shuttle bus to drive between the camping and the conference location in the morning and at night.

If you would like to stay at the camp ground in one of the tents we provide, please let us know by email which nights you would like to sleep there, since we need to plan the number of tents we need to set up. Once you are registered with us, you can go directly to the camp ground and mention that you are a conference participant, to get the discounted rate. The 5 EUR per night has to be paid directly at the camp ground. If you bring your own tent, you can also get the discounted rate, but you need to set up your tent in the area, where also the big tents are set up.

In order to set up the big tents and to take them down again, we need your help! If you are arriving already on Wednesday, please try to schedule your arrival, so that you can help set up the tents. Also on the last day, we need help to take the tents down again.

  • tents setup: Wednesday, 13:00-17:00
  • tents take down: Sunday, 16:00-18:00

Youth Hostel

A youth hostel is located about 15 minutes walking distance (1.2km) away from the conference location. Information about the youth hostel can be found online here. It's located next to the Esch train station.


There are several hotels located in Esch. When searching via the web you might also need to provide the full name "Esch-sur-Alzette". At you can find some of these hotels and book your stay online.

Overview Map

On the following map you can see where the conference location is located relative to the camping, the train stations, and the airport.


note: all information on this web site is subject to change as the conference planning proceeds
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