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Susan Hartland

Susan Hartland

Susan`s life-long mission to protect and save animals began over thirty years ago when she worked with homeless animals in rural shelters. It was through this experience that Susan recognized just how great the need was to stop the unnecessary suffering and exploitation of all animals. Witnessing this suffering also evoked an awareness within her that all animals have feelings and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. After making this connection, she decided to stop eating animals and adopted and promotes a vegan lifestyle which was not only a compassionate decision but one that benefits the environment as well. Since then, Susan has advocated for the protection and rights of animals, ending of cruelty, neglect and exploitation of domestic pets and including the ending of using animals in laboratories, for entertainment and for consumption. She rescued dogs from living a life on a chain, being bait for dog fighting and those who were actually used for fighting. Susan has also worked hard to push for stronger laws including- anti-chaining of dogs, anti-horse slaughter farms, anti-hunting bills, re-listing of the wolves and lobbying for politicians who have voted for animal and environmental protections bills.

Susan believes that animals deserve autonomy, to live their lives without intervention from humans and it is our responsibility to manage our impact upon this planet that we all share.

She is currently the Director at Animal Rights Netherlands/Belgium, an animal rights organization committed to end the use and exploitation of animals in labs and for agriculture, working to end all hunting and ban fur production and import.



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