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Caroline von Schwerin

Caroline von Schwerin

She actually wanted to help out at a local shelter, where she picked up a brochure about factory farming. A few weeks and lots of hours of research later Caroline von Schwerin turned vegan in August 2013 and decided to find and support an organization dedicated to fight carnism and promote veganism. She joined the local activism group of the Albert Schweitzer Foundation which she co-led with Markus Böhning and Inga Laube until March 2019, spending lots of hours of street activism, silent lines and flash mobs as well as holding lectures in schools and organizing and hosting workshops and events.

As of 2018 Caroline is focusing on other projects such as the Animal Rights Activists Alliance (Tierrechtsaktivistenbündnis), which she founded together with Markus Böhning, Andreas Setzer and Inga Laube. Their goal is to unite the diverse animal rights organizations in Germany (and beyond) in order to mobilize large numbers of activists for animal rights demonstrations that can no longer be ignored by society, media and the government. Their first success was their "Hand in hand for animal rights" ("Hand in Hand für Tierrechte") event in Hamburg in October 2018 with more than 3000 participants. The four activists are currently busy organizing this year`s Official Animal Rights March in Berlin on August 25.

She also runs Hofbegegnungen with Andreas Setzer with the intention to increase the awareness of the concept of farm sanctuaries beyond the vegan sphere. With another project Beautiful Commitment she is hosting a podcast and holding lectures to promote the beauty of a vegan lifestyle and to support and encourage people to finally stand up and speak out for their beliefs.



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