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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference
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Friday, 06.09.2019   15:00-15:50   Room B
Animal liberation and climate justice: Joint struggle against animal production
Fredi, Luna

Climate change is a fact and no longer a side issue, even in politics. It affects us all. The movement calling for climate justice is growing worldwide: climate camps and actions against the fossil fuel industry are getting bigger and bigger, young people take to the streets instead of going to school, local groups are springing up all over. But when talking about the causes of climate change, animal production is mostly left out, or seen as a side issue, although it contributes heavily the global greenhouse gas emissions! This means that stopping animal production is crucial for preventing further climate change! In this workshop we want to talk about the effects animal production has on climate change and present the work of our group trying to bring together these two important issues. Last but not least we are planing a major mobilization for protest against animal production in 2020 and want to discuss how you can become part of it.










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