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Friday, 06.09.2019   11:30-12:20   Room A
How we stopped the use of animals in the circuses in Romania
Remus Cernea

In 2014 I proposed a draft law for stop using the animals in circuses. It took three years and a half of efforts done together with animal rights activists and NGOs such as WWF Romania and Four Paws (Vier Pfoten) Romania and of complicated political discussions in order to succeed to pass this law. The initial approach of the MPs was hostile to the project. Many of them were proudly hunters and owners of businesses in meat / dairy industry so they were not enthusiastic at all to support such an idea. Some of them said that they are afraid that if this draft law will be voted then the next target for us will be to close the zoos. One key member of the Commission for Agriculture even said that there is no cruelty in using animals for circuses and that "the training is based on the friendship between animals and humans". But in this difficult environment we finally succeeded to switch the approach of the parliament and to free the animals from the cruelty of circuses in 2017.




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