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Nick Jukes

Nick JukesNick Jukes is Co-ordinator of InterNICHE, the International Network for Humane Education. Nick has been working internationally for over 25 years to enhance education and training in the life sciences through replacement of dissection and animal experiments. He co-authored the book "From Guinea Pig to Computer Mouse" (InterNICHE, 2003) and has published widely on alternatives. He has helped establish a range of international resources including libraries of alternatives and the website, with its databases of alternatives and academic studies. Nick has co-organized conferences and exhibitions across the world, and InterNICHE activity has led to widespread direct replacement. The annual use of over 50,000 animals has been replaced with alternatives in Ukraine, and campaigning in India has helped save many millions of animals. Nick, InterNICHE and its partners have won a number of awards for provision of resources, global networking and replacement work, including the Lush Prize for Training.



movie screening:
Becoming a vet: Education and training without animal experiments

Humane education and alternatives to animal experiments







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