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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference
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Thursday, 05.09.2019   19:30-20:20   Room B
Animal testing: Why is it inhumane for humans and not just animals?
Jen Hochmuth

Animal testing raises questions in two seemingly opposing areas: ethics and science. Despite stricter laws on animal welfare, ethics are fighting a losing battle against the promise of the potential benefits of animal testing to humans. This is because the general public and politicians still strongly believe that animal testing is a necessary evil. The focus of this presentation is therefore on explaining why animal experiments are not just cruel but also bad science, in other words why animal testing is damaging for humans and not just animals. Scientific arguments are used to debunk the idea that animal testing is necessary to find cures for diseases. Alternatives to animal testing are described to demonstrate that animal testing prevents progress toward improved human health. Given the current scenario in the EU, this presentation further explores ways to collaborate among activists, organizations and politicians and to change the public opinion on animal testing.










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