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Jen Hochmuth

Jen HochmuthJen Hochmuth left her home country Luxembourg to study marine biology at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, as she was always fascinated by animals and the sea. Subsequently, she obtained a scholarship to study the combined effects of ocean acidification and fishing on rock lobsters at the University of Tasmania in Australia. In Belgium, she combined a PhD in environmental toxicology at Ghent University, with working for the European Commission on scientific data collection in EU fisheries. After the completion of her degree, she volunteered at Wildtracks – a conservation organization in Belize, releasing injured and orphaned manatees and monkeys successfully back into the wild. In Belgium she worked as an environmental toxicologist on the preparation of registration dossiers requiring chemical safety assessments in view of the EU REACH regulation. In January 2019 she started her current position with Animal Rights, an animal protection group active in the Netherlands and Belgium as the "Replace Animal Testing" campaign coordinator in Belgium.



Animal testing: Why is it inhumane for humans and not just animals?







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