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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference
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Thursday, 05.09.2019   17:30-18:20   Room A
Why should feminists fight for animal rights?
Karolina Skowron

The animal movement needs all the allies it can get. Bringing more people into the movement is crucial, and one of the strategies of doing this can be to connect movements, and involve those people who are already activists in other areas and whose talent and expertise would be useful for animals. This presentation aims to show how I have used these tactics to involve the feminist movement in Poland in the struggle for greater respect for animals. By showing what arguments I have used to convince prominent feminists and regular activists to join the fight for animals, I can hopefully inspire women from other countries to do the same, or activists from other countries to explore how they can connect more movements. I will present the talk I usually give to feminist audiences.




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