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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference
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Sunday, 08.09.2019   10:30-11:20   Room A
Sanctuaries: A true healing, reassuring and recharging resource for animal rights activists
Doina Badea

With a history of 10 years of active rescue and activism behind me, I was in total burn out at the time I founded Nima Sanctuary. Depression and stress had already taken a huge toll on my mental and physical health in all those years, and during the dairy farm rescue action it has truly reached the climax.

But then, I had 6 rescue cows and young steers (now 10 in the sanctuary), blossoming and being reborn like Phoenix birds right before my eyes. 6 majestic beings that began trusting and loving people once again. And giving me back the ability to trust and hope again, to heal myself. Reassuring me, by their mere presence, that all the efforts were worth it. The tangible, living, free and happy results of a tremendous amount of work for the benefit of animals.

And as months passed by, I could witness how tens and hundreds of people visiting them, many of them rescuers and activists, have experienced the same healing, reassuring and recharging, while watching and interacting with the sanctuary animals.

And so I am urging all animal rights activists: let the animals repay you for your work! Come visit a sanctuary!




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