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Doina Badea

Doina Badea

Even before becoming vegan in 2011, after watching the "Earthlings" documentary, Doina has been living a double life, as a reputable professional in her field of work (asset management) and as animal rescuer in her free time, deeply involved in the active rescue and general welfare of Romania`s large population of stray dogs and cats.

Her involvement in the local animal rights and welfare movement covered a large spectrum of work: a significant amount of volunteer hours in local shelters, organizing and attending protests, direct rescue actions, charity and fund raising events for the benefit of other rescuers, fostering hundreds of rescue animals, setting up a vegan foundation in Romania to promote veganism and the vegan lifestyle, setting up a German organization to facilitate the adoption of Romanian rescue dogs and cats in Germany, organizing the first 269life tattoo event in Romania, back in 2013 and most recently (in 2018) rescuing a small herd of cows from a closing dairy farm and consequently, founding Romania`s first farm animals sanctuary.



Sanctuaries: A true healing, reassuring and recharging resource for animal rights activists







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