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Cristina Nițu

Cristina Nițu

My name is Cristina Nițu. I`m a student at the University of Bucharest, and a founding member of the Romanian Vegan Association.

I have been vegetarian my whole life, and I became vegan 4 years ago, after meeting my boyfriend and finding out more about what is going on in the dairy and eggs industry. For the last 3 years, since founding the Romanian Vegan Association, I have dedicated a lot of time and energy towards creating a beautiful and close vegan community. I believe that we have to be the change we want to see in others, so I am trying to set a good example with everything I do. I participated in man beautiful projects like vegan food events in schools or restaurants, cubes of truth, challenge 22+, a CEVA conference and now organizing the first VegFest in Romania.

Everything we have accomplished since creating the Romanian Vegan Association has given me a lot of satisfaction and hope that we can grow and move forward towards a vegan world. I am extremely grateful that I can be a part of this movement and that our actions help inspired others to make a more sustainable and ethical change of lifestyle. I have grown and a lot since we started this journey, and the most amazing thing about this is that I feel that I can put my time towards reaching a better place.



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