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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference
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Thursday, 05.09.2019   18:30-19:20   Room B
Why we need more anti-hunting campaigns
Georg Prinz

Campaigns against hunting and shooting are almost as old as the modern Animal Rights Movement itself, although in recent years, there seems to be a decline of activity in this area. Many of the bigger organizations also completely omit this area in their work, maybe also an effect of the rise of the EA movement and the sole focus on farmed animals. This talk presents, based on the example of the (successful) Austrian campaign that banned canned hunting and game bird shooting, how a modern campaign against hunting can look like and compares it in effectiveness and achievement to classic EA-style campaigns. Furthermore, the talk will deal with the most common pro-hunting myths and paint a picture of how deeply speciesist ideology is ingrained in hunting.










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