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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference
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Friday, 06.09.2019   16:00-16:50   Room A
Animal rights, human rights and social justice
Analyzing veganism as a point of intersectionality of social movements
Giovana Poker

Firstly, we will define animal rights and analyze why it is a "new right", emphasizing that, although there are some laws that regulate the relationship between humans and non-human animals, no constitution of any countries treats animals as dignified beings holding intrinsic rights, being legally permitted and socially acceptable situations of exploitation, abuse and instrumentalization according to the convenience of the people who compose a society. Then we will define veganism as a political and social struggle for the realization of animal rights and a brief explanation of the reasons why the objectives proposed by veganism are not utopian, but a reality to be achieved by unifying the objectives of all social movements. At this moment, the peculiarities and difficulties faced by the vegan movement, which differs from the other social movements, will also be exposed. Finally, we will analyze the relation between the vegan movement and the other social movements proposed by groups composed of inferiorized minorities such as women, black people, LGBTs and people with disabilities. In view of this relation, we will make a connection between all of them, placing the vegan movement as the epicenter enabling the achievement of the goals of other movements, starting from the need to recognize the dignity of all sentient beings with the application of the principle of equal consideration of interests for all dignified beings.




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