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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference
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Friday, 06.09.2019   14:00-14:50   Stalls Room 2
The Art Of Compassion Project
Truth, propaganda and personal stories
Helen Barker, Philip McCulloch-Downs

Our speakers will take the audience through the story of The Art Of Compassion Project, an international collective of vegan artists using creativity to raise awareness of animal rights issues. We will discuss the historic importance of art as a tool for social and political change, returning the term propaganda to its original meaning – to spread information. We will share personal stories demonstrating how much an individual artist can achieve, give some ideas about how we can all use art as activism, and take a look at some of the diverse works of art from the collective. With all this in mind we will be looking to invite other activists to brainstorm with us on how to effectively take art activism – artivism – out of vegan spaces and into the eyeline of the general public.










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