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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference
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P= presentation    D= discussion    W= workshop

Thursday, September 11th 2014

12:00-20:00     Registration & Infopoint open
13:30-21:30Exhibit/Stalls Rooms open
14:00-14:40Opening Plenary
15:00-15:50PIntroduction to the Gateway To Hell campaign
John Roberts
15:00-15:50PPerspectives on Animal Ethics and Abolition
Lisa Kemmerer, Daniel Kirjner
16:00-16:50PRepression in the UK - how and why
Tino Verducci
16:00-16:50PIntroducing the 269life liberation farm
Stas Lifshitz
17:00-17:50PBrave new paradigm: a co-creational concept
Ruth Hawe
17:00-17:50PSister species
Lisa Kemmerer
18:30-19:50PWhat news from the psychologists?
Stijn Bruers
18:30-19:50PDivide and conquer or unite and conquer?
Liz Tyson
20:00-21:30Welcome Reception with free food

Friday, September 12th 2014

08:30-21:30     Registration & Infopoint open
09:00-21:30Exhibit/Stalls Rooms open
09:00-09:50Friday Morning Plenary
George Guimaraes, Ahmad Safi
10:00-10:50PThe movement for the abolition of meat
Yves Bonnardel, Ivora Cusack, David Olivier
10:00-10:50WComputer security & privacy
Heiko Weber
11:00-11:50WWorking on our communication as key for better results
Claudio Pomo
11:00-11:50PAnimal rights activism in Eastern Europe
Aivars Andersons, Dobrusia Karbowiak
12:00-13:20WAnimal rights arguments
Jens Tuider
12:00-13:20PReport and analysis of the lab raid in Brazil
George Guimaraes
14:30-15:20PAnimal witness
Kim Stallwood
14:30-15:20PThe Lush Prize and animal testing: 1R not 3Rs
Craig Redmond
15:30-16:20PThe Zoo - Life sentence for animals
Colin Goldner
15:30-16:20P"I am skeptical of veganism, but I respect it" - Estonian feminists encountering animal rights/veganism
Kadri Aavik
16:30-18:30movie: "Truckin`"
Johnny Braz
16:30-17:20PA plant-based diet to keep you healthy & fit
Christine Vardaros
16:30-17:50DOpen Discussion Slot
17:30-18:20PTree rights, animal rights, one fight
Alain De Coessemaeker
19:30-20:20PAbout the necessary paradigm shift needed in the animal rights movement
Anoushavan Sarukhanyan
19:30-20:20PPhallologocentrism in animal activism: Language as oppression
Agnes Trzak
20:30-22:00networking with free snacks

Saturday, September 13th 2014

08:30-21:30     Registration & Infopoint open
09:00-21:30Exhibit/Stalls Rooms open
09:00-09:50Saturday Morning Plenary
10:00-10:50PMasculinity and violence: a culture of predation
Daniel Kirjner
10:00-10:50PSeeing is believing: Nonhuman animals and liberal democracies
Siobhan O`Sullivan
11:00-11:50PHow to protect moral rights in law
Anoushavan Sarukhanyan
11:00-11:50PFrom Activist to Terrorist
Jake Conroy
12:00-13:20PBuilding and Sustaining the Sanctuary of Your Dreams
Indra Lahiri
12:00-13:20DChange in strategies of the animal rights/liberation movement
two activists from Tierbefreiung Hamburg
12:00-13:20DOpen Discussion Slot
14:30-15:20PGovernment repression
Peter Young
14:30-15:20PVegan nutrition
George Guimaraes
15:30-16:50PThe Hunt Saboteurs Global Network
Alfie Moon
15:30-16:50PEating earth
Lisa Kemmerer
17:00-17:50Wvideo protests
Bettina Rehberg, Heiko Weber
17:00-17:50PHow to turn your great ideas into effective campaigns
Sharon Nuñez
18:00-18:50WRestless Vegans: Criticism of consumerist veganism
Guray Tezcan
18:00-18:50PAttitudes of slaughterhouse workers towards animals and their work
Kristina Mering
19:00-19:50PThere won`t be animal liberation without a radical social change!
Animal Liberation goes Blockupy
19:00-20:20DOpen Discussion Slot
live on stage: Tes · Mike XVX · Gab De La Vega

Sunday, September 14th 2014

08:30-15:30     Registration & Infopoint open
09:00-15:30Exhibit/Stalls Rooms open
09:00-09:20Sunday Morning Plenary
09:30-10:20PThe ethics of animal experiments in three steps
Stijn Bruers
09:30-10:20PUndercover investigation
Friedrich Mülln
10:30-11:20PCampaigning with impact; getting results for the animals!
John Roberts
10:30-11:20DInternational day against speciesism, marches in Geneva and Toronto
Anoushavan Sarukhanyan
11:30-12:20PThinking big - make your activist group grow
Dobrusia Karbowiak
11:30-12:20PLessons learned: Looking back to move forward
Jake Conroy
12:30-13:20PTaking action
Peter Young
13:30-14:00Closing Plenary
14:00-15:30Closing Reception with free food

Some general information about the program

All presentations and workshops are scheduled to have a 10 minute break until the next session, so that there is enough time to take a short break and switch to another room.

note: all information on this web site is subject to change as the conference planning proceeds
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