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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference
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Thursday, 11.09.2014   17:00-17:50   Room B
Brave new paradigm: a co-creational concept
Ruth Hawe

In her novel "Holy Cow", visionary Ruth Hawe shares through the vulnerability of heroine Daisy, the emergent kingdom of Vegantopia. The Peaceable Place where all beings live free from the terror and enslavement of unevolved humans. It is vital that we activists find time, energy and focus not merely for outlining and eradicating the problems of our carnist world, but in actively envisioning the bright future we wish to bring forth. It is my understanding that the future is both informing and being shaped by the thoughts we collectively permit to fill our minds. I know that others have flashes of prophetic insight similar to mine, and seek to expand and enhance these glimpses until they eclipse the 3D world others believe is the only reality. Come and be gently guided to Vegantopia, using the power of visualisation, and accessing your intuitive and higher self`s wisdom. Be invited to share a real taste of your part and place in this group experience, as together we dissolve the power and control paradigm, and embrace the unity and compassion which is our true nature and destiny.













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