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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference
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Saturday, 13.09.2014   11:00-11:50   Room B
How to protect moral rights in law
Anoushavan Sarukhanyan

The presentation will be concerning the strategy that should use the AR movement to bring change for animals in law. Since animals have moral rights and interests that should be respected, we have an obligation to make these moral rights and interests to be respected as fast as possible in society. Usually to do this we advocate for legal rights for animals, as coherent as it seems, it isn`t very strategical, because legal rights for animals would require them having a legal personhood in law, but most lawyers think that this is crazy and the public opinion isn`t ready to consider nonhuman sentient beings (especially those who are less similar to us like aquatic animals) as persons. The presentation will show other legal tools, like new criminal offenses and other strategies that can be implemented faster in the society to make the moral rights of animals to be respected.













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