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Anoushavan Sarukhanyan

Anoushavan Sarukhanyan

At sixteen years old, very interested in philosophy, Anoushavan Sarukhanyan read a philosophical article about speciesism and then the book "The case for animal rights" by Tom Regan. Since then (2004) he became an animal rights activist in the group LausAnimaliste in Switzerland that was doing creative actions to promote animal rights and denounce speciesism. He also co-organized the International Veggie Pride that was held in Geneva in 2013. Now he is also a member of the new animal rights group Pour l`égalité animale.

To understand how it is possible to change society, he has studied sociology of social movements and sociology of construction of public problems. Realizing that law was an important tool in society and very useful for activists, he started studying this field and is now finishing his Master in law.



About the necessary paradigm shift needed in the animal rights movement

How to protect moral rights in law

International day against speciesism, marches in Geneva and Toronto







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