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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference
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Friday, 12.09.2014   19:30-20:20   Room B
About the necessary paradigm shift needed in the animal rights movement
Anoushavan Sarukhanyan

Sociology of social movements and the history of human slavery abolitionists can give us a lot of information concerning the strategy that we should use to abolish animal exploitation. This presentation will compare what does a social movement do to create a debate in a society with what does the animal rights movement do to abolish animal exploitation. Afterwards we will analyze the consequences of our movement`s strategy and will see if it should be changed. Every year 60 billion terrestrial animals and 1000 billion aquatic animals are killed for food and if our goal is to change the situation for the animals, we should use our time and energy in the most effective strategy that allows us to get to the abolition of animal exploitation as quickly as possible, otherwise billions of animals will suffer and die for nothing.













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