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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference
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Jens Tuider

Jens TuiderJens studied philosophy under Ursula Wolf, one of Germany`s foremost animal ethicists, at the University of Mannheim. Having specialized in animal ethics as early as his undergraduate studies, he is currently doing his doctorate in the same subject. His other ongoing projects include setting up an online database comprising a comprehensive collection of rebuttals to the most common sceptical arguments regarding animal rights; he is also working for Melanie Joy`s organisation CAAN as translator and editor. Jens is among the award winners of the 2012 essay contest run by the Gesellschaft für analytische Philosophie (Society for Analytical Philosophy) on the topic "Is It Permissible to Eat Animals?" and has been a speaker at a number of international events such as the Minding Animals Conference 2012 in Utrecht/NL and the International Animal Rights Conference 2013 in Luxembourg.



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