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Kadri Aavik

Kadri Aavik

Kadri Aavik is an Estonian feminist, animal rights activist, and vegan food blogger. She is a PhD student of sociology and lecturer at the Institute of International and Social Studies in Tallinn University, Estonia. Her PhD project focuses on gender and ethnic inequalities in the Estonian labor market, which she studies via individual career narratives. In her academic work, Kadri uses intersectionality as a theoretical and metholological approach to understand social inequalities more comprehensively.

Kadri is interested in the emerging field of critical animal studies (CAS) which sees various forms of oppression as interlinked and challenges speciecism and human exceptionalism. She uses insights from critical animal studies, vegan feminist theory and intersectionality to explore how Estonian feminists understand connections between feminism and animal rights/veganism.

In addition to her academic work, Kadri is actively participating in the Estonian civil society, where she works to advance gender equality, veganism and animal rights. She is board member of the Estonian Vegan Society and member of LOOMUS, an Estonian animal advocacy organization.



"I am skeptical of veganism, but I respect it" - Estonian feminists encountering animal rights/veganism







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