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Claudio Pomo

Claudio Pomo

An activist since the end of the 90`s, Claudio has been part of many campaigns and projects in Italy. In 2002 he co-founded the campaign that forced to close Morini beagle breeders, suppliers of Italian labs since 30 years. The campaign ended with the farm giving 375 dogs and about 700 rodents (rats and mice) to an animal rights organization. Claudio has the luck to be a worker at this organization`s shelters and helped to rehome and rehabilitate many of the severely traumatized dogs. He was also part of AIP anti-fur network, a campaign that made quite a few companies fur-free.

In 2010 co-founded the campaign against Green Hill beagle breeders, which successfully stopped the expansion project of the company and then put so much pressure that all 2.700 beagles in the place have been seized and adopted and a law now bans the breeding of dogs, cats and primates for vivisection in Italy.

Claudio is now campaigns director at Essere Animali, an abolitionist organization active with investigations, protests, information, and promoting veganism. The main campaign of Essere Animali is the one to ban fur farming in Italy, started after the release of an intensive investigation of italian mink farms.



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