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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference
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Friday, 12.09.2014   15:30-16:20   Room A
The Zoo - Life sentence for animals
Colin Goldner

The presentation will give an overview on the history of Zoos, from the first collections of wild animals by European rulers of 14th century all the way down to modern amusementpark-like institutions displaying animals as mere deco elements for their rides and attractions.

The major arguments for running zoos — except providing dubious entertainment and leisure time activities — will be examined: educating the public, conducting scientific research and, as "Noah`s Arks", contributing to global biodiversity conservation. Even if all of this were true: would it be justified to hold wild animals in captivity to achieve these goals? What does it mean for the animals being sentenced to life behind iron bars and armoured glass panels?

Necessities and options to fight the institution "zoo" will be discussed.













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