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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference
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Saturday, 13.09.2014   12:00-13:20   Room A
Building and Sustaining the Sanctuary of Your Dreams
Indra Lahiri

Many of us dream of starting a sanctuary "someday", yet we have no idea where to begin. Learn from Dr. Indra Lahiri`s 30+ years rescuing hundreds of animals from around the world, culminating with founding Indraloka Sanctuary nearly ten years ago. This symposium will include:

  • a frank, open dialogue about the risks, realities, and rewards of starting a sanctuary
  • an honest self-assessment to find out if you have what it takes
  • an opportunity to develop peer-mentoring relationships with others who are embarking on the same journey
  • a roadmap to your own clear vision and some specific steps that you can take now to embark on your dream













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