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Indra Lahiri

Indra Lahiri

Indra Lahiri, PhD is the founder of Indraloka Animal Sanctuary as well as a speaker, author, consultant, and executive coach. She has 30+ years of experience rescuing thousands of animals of a wide variety of species, in countries around the world. In addition, she has taught, mentored, coached and keynote addressed more than 10,000 people on a range of topics that that are always, at their core, based on ethical leadership and compassion for all. Indra co-presented "Peace, Love & Animals" at the 2013 International Animal Rights Conference.

In addition to her work with rescue animals, as the founder of Global Inclusion Strategies Indra provides expert coaching and consulting on communicating across cultures. She is the author of an academic book chapter, a critically acclaimed manager`s guidebook, several research reports, and numerous articles on cultural competence and leadership.

Having experienced firsthand the benefits of close friendships with animals, Indra has expanded her focus to helping other humans reap the same rewards. Indra is now combining her two loves by offering inspirational keynote talks, one-on-one coaching, workshops, and retreats to help humans depend their connection with other animals. Her blog, which chronicles sacred moments with rescued animals, is followed by nearly 3,000 readers from over 85 countries on every continent.

The sanctuary is not named after Indra, but rather she is named after the Hindu God Indra who created Indraloka (Sanskrit name for the heaven for the Gods). She has dedicated her life to helping traumatized animals rediscover joy, love, and trust.



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