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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference
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Saturday, 13.09.2014   10:00-10:50   Room A
Masculinity and violence: a culture of predation
Daniel Kirjner

Understanding human male aggression and domination is vital to comprehending the oppression of animals. The subjugation of non-humans mirrors social differentiation and inequality. Human ideals are centered on masculinist representations that are especially apparent in our portrayals of saints, superheroes, and even god. My research at the intersections of animal rights and feminism over the past three years has examined the use of masculine imagery in the advertisement industry that oppresses woman and animals simultaneously. The exploitation of women and nonhuman animals in propaganda provides compelling evidences that violence and domination against both are connected, and can be seen as different faces of the same oppression. This presentation shows key findings from my research, and explores the idea of gender as a trans-species concept.













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