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John Roberts

John has been vegan and actively participating in the European animal rights movement for over 15 years, predominately focusing his organizing efforts on the vivisection industry but also participating in many other activities and actions against various forms of animal abuse, such as hunt sabotage and anti-circus actions amongst others.

For the last 6 years his activist work has focused on research and coordination for the international Gateway To Hell network, who`s objective is to disrupt the supply of animals destined for laboratories. During this time he has been the driver behind some of the network`s greatest successes, including the campaign to prevent Nepal from exporting primates for vivisection and many of the successful campaigns to prevent airlines from transporting primates destined for the research industry.

John also helped to establish the Air Souffrance campaign, a French national campaign targeting Air France for transporting lab animals, although he now only acts in an advisory role with the campaign being run entirely by autonomous French activists who represent the French language branch of the global Gateway To Hell network.



Introduction to the Gateway To Hell campaign

Campaigning with impact; getting results for the animals!







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