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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference
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Sunday, 14.09.2014   11:30-12:20   Room B
Thinking big - make your activist group grow
Dobrusia Karbowiak

We started as a group of friends without knowing much about running an organization. Over one year later we became one of the most active and widely recognized NGOs in the country with local groups in all 10 biggest cities of Poland.

It was a hard journey and I would like to show what we have learned on the way. My goal is to present:

  • the mistakes we have made and possible ways to overcome them,
  • recruitment techniques that we consider effective,
  • motivation tips to help everyone do their best,
  • some thoughts on decision making process that can empower all activists,
  • what many teachers know about people, that many activists don`t.

I strongly believe that a cohesive group is more than a sum of its parts. Animal rights is a long term goal and therefore we need to strive to make our groups last.













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