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Saturday, 13.09.2014   18:00-18:50   Room C
Restless Vegans: Criticism of consumerist veganism
Guray Tezcan

Restless vegans call AR movement for 2nd wave; because today`s propaganda of veganism overshadows the theory against oppression with practices based on consumption.

Other topics will include:

  • Prominence of vegan identity: Part of homo-consumericus
  • Liberation/sabotage supporters VS abolitionist veganism
  • Can there be "the practice that all vegans agree on"? What about tax paying, industrial farming of vegetables, medicine use?
  • Vulnerability of consumerist veganism against humanist & modernist approaches challenging animal freedom.
  • What about roadkill vegans, freegans, etc.?
  • Vegan industry: A transition period or growing monster?
  • If 7 billion go vegan alltogether, would all exploitations come to an end?
  • Ferries, airplanes, cutting edge computers... Can cities be vegan themselves?
  • Remembering ecology and earth liberation
  • Veganism was born right in the heart of capitalist as a reply to systematic exploitation
  • Should we look for alternatives to animal testing or alternatives to science?
  • Are meat eaters murderers? Does saying that work?
  • Future hypothesis for veg consuming trends in Turkey.













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